The idea of this web site is to provide high-quality, verifiable technical education.

The courses contain short theory sheets (max one page long), theoretical and practical questions organized in quizzes, programming exercises, and a final exam.

To obtain a passing grade for a course you must get 100% of the total points available, including quizzes, programming exercises, and final exam.

    Available courses

    This course teaches object-oriented programming using Java. The theoretical lessons contain the essential information, while the practice consists in quizzes and programming exercises, which can be written directly in the browser. The programs are sent to a remote server which checks their syntax, and executes them against a series of predefined tests. Students will see the results and can try until they pass all tests. For each completed unit (including a 100% score in the tests) and for each programming exercise for which all the tests are passed a badge will be awarded.

    Prerequisites: none.